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Students Union

ISPA’s students are represented by the Students Union which aims to establish a network of contacts between the Students and the institution. ISPA' Students Union seeks to encourage the students to participate in the academic life and in cultural, sporting and social activities.


ISPA’ Students Union is divided into various departments, related to different areas. Thus, we have the: Sports Department; Recreation and Cultural Department; Pedagogic and Academic Intervention Department; the Training Department and the Communications and Image Department. It also seeks to promote various activities like ISPA’s own Radio Station, the PSISCRIPTUM Newspaper and the Pedagogic and Academic Intervention Bureau as a way to support the students. A Cultural Agenda filled with programmes, such as training activities, discussions and workshops aimed at the students, as a way to embody the cultural enrichment of ISPA’s students is in the making.


ISPA' Students Union seeks to encourage the academic community’s participation in the student life, endorsing its involvement in the various school bodies and the different projects that are being developed.


Several of ISPA' Students Union Board members are present in different departments of the institution, such as the, the Representatives’ Assembly, the Social Services Council, and the National Association of Psychology Students (NAPS) (“ANEP - Associação Nacional de Estudantes de Psicologia”). This last Association is represented in the EFPSA (European Federation Psychology Students Association) by two of ISPA’s Board members.


You can find all about our students association at https://www.facebook.com/ae.ispa/?fref=ts