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Vitor Amorim Rodrigues
Vitor Amorim Rodrigues

General Information

Academic Category: 
Assistant Professor
Scientific-Pedagogical Department: 
Clinical and Health Psychology

Biographical note

Ended His Degree in Medicine in 1987, with a classification of 14 at the Medical Faculty of the University of Lisbon.

During his post-graduation training period previous to his medical career he undertook his Internship as a General Practitioner (1988/89) at the “Barreiro” District Hospital and his additional Internship in Psychiatry (1990/1993) at the “Miguel Bombarda” Hospital in Lisbon. 

During this period he had additional experiences as a substitute teacher at a secondary school (C+S Montijo), teaching Mathematics and Natural Sciences (1988/1989) and as a General Practitioner at the “Amadora” Healthcare Center (1989).

He undertook an training internship in Clinical Personality Disorders at Mount Sinai Hospital and in Personality Disorders in New York in 1993.

He got his Specialist degree in Psychiatry (Portuguese Medical Association/Ministry of Health) in 1994 with a classification of 19.

He was President of the board of the Association for the Recovery and Social Reinsertion of Drug Addicts (IPSS) from 1997 to 1999 in some periods combining that with the Clinical Management of the Therapeutic Community “Lages de Freiria”.

He finished his Masters degree in Philosophy in 1998, with a classification of Very Good, at the Portuguese Catholic University.

He also got a Post-graduate degree in Psychiatry and Forensic Psychology in 1999 from the Lisbon Coroner’s Office.

He was rated as a Consultant in Psychiatry (Portuguese Medical Association/Ministry of Health) in 2000.

He directed the IRS/Ministry of Justice “Navarro de Paiva” Educational Center (Medical/Psychological Institute) from 2000 to 2003.

From 1996 on he had a part time experience as a Prison Psychiatrist and from 1999 as a forensic Psychiatrist. He also consulted privately as an expert in Courts (Labor, Civil and Criminal).

He was a founding member of the Portuguese Existentialist Psychotherapy Society and was trained in Psychodynamic and Systemic Psychotherapy.

Member of the Existentialist and Psychotherapeutic Psychotherapy Society of “Rio de Janeiro”, Brazil.

He has been a member of the faculty at ISPA since 1991 (part-time from 2009) and has taught subjects such as:

Adult Psychopathology, General Psychopathology, Advanced Psychophysiology, Thesis Seminar, Phenomenon Psychology, Adolescent Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology, Psychobiology of Emotion and Psychocriminology.

He is a regular collaborator of the Lifelong training Center at ISPA and as coordinated training actions in Clinical Psersonality disorders (10 editions), Clinical Criminology (6 editions). He participates on a regular basis in professional training actions in numerous institutions.

He obtain his Advanced Studies Diploma in Psychology from the University of “Extremadura”, Spain (2010)and is elaborating a Doctoral Thesis at the same University.

He has presented communications at Scientific meetings in the fields of Psychopathology and Psychotherapy notably the ones as a guest speaker at foreign Universities such as the Federal “Fulminense University”, “Baìa” University and “ Rio de Janeiro” State University all in Brazil and the University of Luanda in Angola.

He as published two books. The first one a disclosure/reflection called “A banha da cobra? Ensaio sobre a prática psiquiátrica contemporânea” (Snake Oil? Essay on current Psychiatric Practice). (Amorim Rodrigues; Gonçalves L. (1997).Lisboa: D. Quixote) and the second one, more technical, entitled Pathology of the Personality: Theory, Clinic and Therapeutic.(Amorim Rodrigues; Gonçalves L. (2009) Lisboa: Edições Gulbenkian. 3ºed)

He as collaborated when asked with the social media in making public technical knowledge in his area of expertise and in that context has participated in two TV shows; a cultural one entitled Being Human (2 series of 12 episodes) in SIC cable News Chanel in 2006 and another one entitled Humanly in the cable channel SIC Woman in 2008, this one available online.