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Margarida Alves Martins
Margarida Alves Martins

General Information

Academic Category: 
Full Professor
Scientific-Pedagogical Department: 
Educational Psychology
Research Unit: 
Research Unit on Cognitive, Developmental and Educational Psychology I & D Unit (UIPCDE)
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Biographical note

PhD in Educational sciences in 1983 from the “René Descartes” University – Paris V and in Psychology, specializing in Pedagogical Psychology from the Psychology and Educational Sciences Faculty of the University of Coimbra in 1995, she obtained her Agregação in the field of Psicopedagogy and Child Special Education at the Department of Child Educational Sciences of the Institute for Child Studies at the University of “Minho” in 2006. Full Professor of Educational Psychology at ISPA since 2007, she is President of the Scientific Council since 2002 and coordinates from the start in 1994 the Research Unit on Cognitive, Developmental and Educational Psychology I & D Unit (UIPCDE) funded by FCT. She develops investigative work within the field of written language, having published several books and articles in specialized reviews and made presentations at numerous national and international scientific meetings. She is presently developing a project funded by the FCT on the impact of invented writing programs with pre-school-age children on the evolution of their writing and reading. She is a member of the Faculty at ISPA teaching Psychology of Teaching and Learning and Thesis seminar at the Master level and Advanced Studies in Educational Psychology and Research Seminar in Educational Psychology in the PhD in Psychology. She also teaches Literacy and Education in the Joint Ispa and Lisbon “Nova” University PhD in Educational Sciences. She is supervisor to several Master and PhD level Thesis. 

Research Interests

In previous research we have developed invented spelling programs with pre-school-age children to make their invented spellings evolve. Some of these programs proved their efficacy not only in terms of the way in which children become able to use conventional letters in their invented spelling, but also in terms of their phonological awareness. More research is needed to understand the role that these programs may have on early reading acquisition. If there is some evidence concerning the existence of positive correlations between invented spelling and early reading, strong experimental evidence is still lacking. So, the aim of our research is to develop experimental studies to assess the impact of invented spelling programs with pre-school age children on their early reading acquisition. These studies will provide indications that will be of use in designing programs for preventing learning difficulties in relation to written language.

Current PhD students (supervision and co-supervision)

Ana Albuquerque

 Aquisição da linguagem escrita e acesso ao princípio alfabético: Importância de programas de intervenção de escrita inventada em crianças de idade pré-escolar e suas implicações no início da escolaridade formal. (Acquisition of written language and the access to the alphabetical principle: Significance of invented writing intervention programs in pre-school-age children and its implications at the beginning of formal schooling).  

Edlia Simões

Tipologias de erros de leitura no 1º Ciclo: Avaliação da leitura oral de palavras. (FCT grant) (Types of reading mistakes in the 1st cycle: Evaluation of oral reading of words).

Jorge Gonçalves

O desenvolvimento da metacognição e as actividades de tipo investigativo no ensino das ciências. (The development of metacognition and investigative activities in the teaching of science).

Liliana Salvador

O impacto de dois programas - escrita inventada e treino fonológico - na aprendizagem da leitura: Um estudo realizado com crianças do 1º ano do Ensino Básico em risco de desenvolver dificuldades de leitura. (FCT grant) (The impact of two programs – invented writing and phonological training – in learning how to read: A study preformed with children from the 1st year of Basic school with risk of developing reading difficulties).

Mónica Gaiolas

Aquisição da linguagem escrita nos dois primeiros anos de escolaridade e sua relação com o conhecimento metalinguístico. (Acquisition of written language in the first two years of school and its relation to metalinguistic knowledge).

Sérgio Gaitas

O ensino da leitura e da escrita no primeiro ano de escolaridade: Os resultados dos alunos em leitura. (FCT grant) (The teaching of reading and writing in the first year of school: Students results in reading).


Ana Isabel Santos

Maria Inês Vasconcelos

Miguel Mata Pereira


Dominique Bina (PhD Student until 2011)

Miguel Mata Pereira (PhD student until 2011)

Maria Inês Vasconcelos (PhD student until 2010)

Ana Isabel Santos (PhD student until 2008)