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Psychology (Clinical Psychology Specialization)

Psychology (Clinical Psychology Specialization)

Examination Regulations Assessment and Grading

On a 0 to 20 grading scheme, a minimum grade of 10 in each course unit is necessary to pass.

The assessment in each course may include:


  • Type 1 Assessment Methods: exams (with or without oral presentation);
  • Type 2 Assessment Methods: group or individual essays (with or without oral presentation);


Assessment may also include the evaluation of participation in class.


The following table presents the possibilities of arrangement of Assessment Methods and the respective percentage of the final grade.


 Type 1 Assessment MethodsType 2 Assessment Methods
D90% + 10%
E90% + 10%-



The type of assessment of each course is included in the course syllabus that also contains the course objectives, course expectations, course contents and recommended reading.


The Master’s requires public presentation and discussion of a written dissertation before an expert panel designated by the Scientific Council, composed of a President and at least to examiners from the specific academic area of the Master’s (one internal and one external).